Wednesday, January 9, 2019

FORGIVING KEVEN by Author Siobhan Davis


I've been a fan of Siobhan Davis eversince I discovered here last year and eversince my first ARC. She was such an unexpected rare gem.

To be honest I haven't read all of her books but the ones I've read, were awesome. 

I haven't read the entire series and I've only ever read this one but I'm definitely going to rectify that in the near future.   

This is a story about second chances and redemption.... that love will definitely conquer all if you put your mind and heart into it... 

Keven and Cheryl were high-school sweethearts, then something happened and they broke up... their journey isn't perfect... it was full of angst and doubt. And it's difficult to be together if the trust isn't there and there is no acceptance...

The characters were relatable except for the FBI part, lol... the pacing was great. It isn't fast-paced but I wish Cheryl made Keven work for it more... What happened to them in the past... why they broke up... would probably hang in my head forever no matter... something like that would require me to have selective amnesia.

If you're a fan of a sweet, second-chance love story that has a dash of action into it, then this one is for you.