Wednesday, January 9, 2019

OUT OF MY LEAGUE by Author Jessica Prince


I am no stranger to Jessica Prince. I've read some of her books and got so excited when I received an ARC. 

To be honest, I struggled through the first couple of chapters. I thought why did the character had so much bad self-image... I get that most of us struggle through life with insecurities, but Eden Brenner was something else... hers was just on a whole another level. Almost to the point of being annoying... I get that her upbringing sucks, but it was just too much, at least in my opinion anyway.

And don't get me started with Lincoln... I know he was all kinds of hot but he was also kind of condescending... I know it's probably just a southern thing, but there was just too much "baby," "darlin," "honey," and "sweetheart." 

It took me until the middle to feel excited for the characters. I don't if I'm the only one who feels this but yeah... 

It has some angst to it, drama, comedy and action. It was definitely a slow burn but I still enjoyed the book nonetheless.