Wednesday, November 3, 2021

THE SENIOR by Monica Murphy



I don't know why I was putting this one off... my subconscious didn't want this series to end. I mean I hope not. Maybe there's a new book coming in the midst after The Senior?? Like The Graduate?lol 


In the beginning of the next generation Callahan books, Eli was really exasperating. Especially in Jake's book. But I never thought he'd turn it around.

This book has more angst and drama than I anticipated. Never thought the story would turn the way it did... especially that heart-breaking part. Admittedly, it made me teary. 

Definitely a wonderful and heartwarming conclusion to the series... if this really is the end of it. Secretly, I hope not.

And another thing... why the Seahawks?? Seriously *insert sad face emoji* 

So when does Beck's story come out??lol already looking forward to it. I hope it's a combination of friends to lovers and enemies to lovers. I can't wait what Ms. Murphy has in store for her readers!