Tuesday, December 28, 2021

KING OF CORIUM by C. Hallman and JL Beck


I've always been a fan of Josi Beck and Cassie Hallman because their books are usually enemies to lovers and/or high school bully-romance but this book... this book was darker than anything I've read from them but to be fair, I haven't read each and every single of their books but as far as the ones I've read, I feel like this was darker. 

As I was reading, I kept reminding myself—these kids are still in high school??lol but our H is both sweet and brutal, out h is strong-willed but broken inside... and after that last page, and I checked out book two's release date, I was like NNNNOOOOO that seems like light years away! But I've re-read this one because I got a surprise ARC in the mail... so looking forward to what lies ahead!