Sunday, November 29, 2020

THE SAINTHOOD (Complete Series) bu Siobhan Davis



I waited for this series to be complete before reading... I signed up for this promo because of the novella. And it was so heartwarming! I really can't get enough of Harlow, Saint, Caz, Theo and Galen. Even at the end of the book, I wanted more.

I actually schemed through the entire boxset. I didn't just jump right into the novella... 

This is my fave reverse harem... It was angsty and some parts were ridiculous like how are these guys still in high school?lol but it was so addicting. It's like eating M&M and Hershey's Kisses—you can't stop with just a piece. You's want to finish the whole bag! It was an indulgence... *sigh*

I wish it was longer and I wish there was more!