Monday, November 30, 2020




I was very excited to read this... had been waiting for this ever since it was announced.

This is another angsty and heart-wrenching from one of my fave authors, Tijan.

It started slow for me and there was even a time when I questioned whether I'm going to warm up to Cheyenne because I wasn't able to relate to her. I have anxiety but I've never really experienced those full blown panic attacks where you black-out and don't remember what happened. This was truly heartbreaking. She was dealt ugly cards at life but she rose above it and worked on herself. And for that, I admired her character. Her resilience.

And Cut... where do I get me one of those? A man who makes a true and sincere effort to be with you... a man who accepts you—both the bad and the worst of you. This is why I love to read and escape... because real life can suck and frustrate you so much.

I'd say this is fast paced but it's also a long time coming since Cheyenne has been in-love with Cut since high-school... 

It's not an easy read. There are parts that are heartbreaking, but most of it is sexy and swoon-worthy.