Sunday, November 29, 2020

DESTROYED DESTINY by Mary Catherine Gebhard



This is the gripping finale of Story Hale and Grayson Crowne journey to forever. 

I didn't know what I signed up for when I signed up for Stolen Soulmate. I didn't have any idea I'd get so rooted over Grayson and Story. All I thought was this was simply an angsty Cinderella story but it's more than that... and 2 books later, here I am—just stepping out of this rollercoaster. Excited. Anxious. Unkempt. 

That was definitely a wild, exhilarating ride. Those twists and turns took a toll on my heart and my head. All I kept saying to myself was, are these people for real? (I mean of course they're not, they're book characters!) Lol but you know what I mean...

Story and Grayson's journey wasn't an easy one. I know angsty. I've read "angsty" but this is beyond that. It's darker. 

It can trigger some people, it was frustrating and quite honestly, it was draining... This is not something you'd read when you want to relax and just chill to clear your mind off of things. This is something you'd want to brace yourself for... And I don't mean anything bad by it—it's simply just that.

Stolen Soulmate is the first book of Grayson and Story. Forbidden Fate is the second and Destroyed Destiny is their last. 

Starting this series was like being sucked into a rabbit hole. It was addicting and riveting. Like you know there's parts that are ridiculous but you're also fascinated by it at the same time.