Wednesday, November 25, 2020

MAN IN CHARGE DUET by Laurelin Paige



I'm just going to write one review for both books. 

I was lucky enough to be chosen to to receive an ARC for this duet. Laurelin Paige will always be synonymous for Hudson—one of my unforgettable book boyfriends.


This duet is about Scott and Tess. Scott is a billionaire playboy who belonged to a family wealthier than the Rockefellers. You know, the usual old money. He and Tess met at a posh party. A party where Tess has no business enjoying because she stole her boss' invitation.

One thing lead to another. Their relationship was fast-paced but as well all know, love has no definitely timeline.

The twist and turns drove me nuts! It was definitely unexpected. This is why I devoured the duet right away because it was gripping and exciting.