Wednesday, October 28, 2020

REFORMING KENT by Siobhan Davis



Wow, so that was definitely what you'd call a stunning conclusion of the series.

I confess, I haven't read all the books in The Kennedy Boys but I've read about half of it and now it all makes sense.

I had my suspicions about what happened to Kent in the past but I couldn't pinpoint exactly when and who made him that way. I honestly did not expect that plot twist. He was my most disliked Kennedy boy and now after reading his story, he's now my favorite.

People should always look beyond the surface. There is always a story behind every @$$hölë or bîtçhy behavior...

This is a story about two people finding a real connection in this chaotic and twisted world... both Presley and Kent have gone through so much in their young lives... I can't even begin to imagine... this is a story about resilience and finding love in a hopeless place—as what Rihanna sang. 

This book might trigger you because it talks about all the abuse you can think of—drug, physical, mental, emotional... etc. so please read with caution.