Sunday, November 8, 2020




This is a friends to lovers romance, and a little bit of enemies to lovers. The blurb got me hooked so I  signed up! Plus it was from one of my fave authors.

Reading about Aiden and Maddie in the first few chapters gave me butterflies, but it lessens somewhere along the middle. I'll try my best to be vague as much as possible... here goes nothing— Aiden and Maddie are grown adults, and I understand that changing the status quo is scary but there are so many ways to make a move. Two years after they're thrust into each other's path and with Maddie playing games again. Like it was obvious, I've known right away that it was what it was.

I just wished that there was more swoon-worthy chapters or moments in the first part. Like more than what was written there... I felt like the first part was too short and full mostly of Maddie's internal ramblings. She was frustrating and not in a cute way. Part two was better but not much. The grand gesture was swoony and all but as a reader, I felt like I needed more. Probably a little bit more angst, swoon factors, sexy times etc. and I also felt like the epilogue was hanging or short. I would've wanted to read more about them like 5 years into the future dealing with babies, etc. I need more closure, if that makes sense. Lol

Overall, it's not the best RS Grey read but it's not that bad either. It's just an okay read for me and I've read most of the author's books! Arrogant Devil and Coldhearted Boss are my very faves.

I don't know, it's probably just me. But yes, this is how I feel about the book. Maybe I'll connect more with the characters in the next book.