Wednesday, January 1, 2020




I've been waiting for this book right after reading DOWNFALL. This is book two of the Kingdoms of Sin series, and even if it can be read as a standalone I'd recommend reading the first book to get to know the situation and the characters because they are recurring.

This is a childhood-friends to lovers to enemies to lovers story... It was as angsty as the first book but the continuous push and pull of Elias and Mara frustrated me. It was cute the first couple of times but I felt like it had too much of it... at least for me it did.

The royals in this series are definitely a complicated bunch. Family turning against family... sacrificing your blood for power, wealth and ambition.

The pacing good, the characters were scandalous to say the least and even though there are parts that were frustrating I still got butterflies in tummy and swoon.

This book will make you realize that it's okay not to be perfect...that its okay to take risks and be vulnerable once in awhile to show your humanity...

I cant wait to read what next for these Royals.