Thursday, October 17, 2019




This is my second Marni Mann ARC. I was so excited to receive this one... I devoured it overnight.

My first Marni Mann read was When Ashes Fall, so you can't really blame me for bracing myself up for the impact... but I was so relieved and glad I didn't ugly-cry in this book. 

I've never read anything like it before... it made me anxious as I swiped the book page after page. Like in all Marni Mann fashion, you should definitely expect the unexpected. 

The pacing was great and the characters were intriguing... At first I didn't quite get the connection of the prologue to the rest of book, and it was something that kept on plaguing me as I went through the pages... but I always reminded myself that I've read When Ashes Fall and it didn't make sense until the end.

This book is heartbreaking, heartwarming and swoon-worthy all rolled into one. It's not an easy read because it's more angsty than your normal romance but it's also so worth it in the end. I just wished there was a longer epilogue... I felt like it was hanging... I don't know, it's probably just me but yes. I have all these burning questions... like what happened after the surprise Venetian dinner? What happened during the meeting the Dad?? 

Lastly, I'm sorry if I give anything away by saying this but let me just say that Andrew is just the friggin' best... I wish I could find someone like him in real life... (sigh)