Wednesday, October 16, 2019



After the last page, all I can think about is "nnnnnooooo." No this can't be the last! I kept on swiping and swiping but no, there was no page to be swiped anymore. It was really the end. I need more Logan and Amelia! I NEED MORE *wailing* lol

I was waiting in dire anticipation for this book ever since the author announced of it's existence... I was anxiously waiting... I'm an anxious person so imagine waiting for this baby to hit my kindle—well it definitely drove me crazy, lol. 

It was all so worth it... It wasn't what I expected. I've read most of her books over the years and this was different from the usual sweet and sexy... Don't get me wrong, I love sweet and sexy but this one has a kick to it. 

The pacing was great... the storyline held it's uniqueness and the characters were all interesting and swoon-worthy... Despite the suspense, it was an easy read... it held my interest from the outset to the end. I would've wanted to read a much longer epilogue, but that's the romantic sap in me talking.

I hope to read more of Logan and Amelia, and maybe read about Lincoln and the others in the future. I can't wait! I'm already excited just thinking about it!

I definitely recommend! I can't wait to be summoned again.