Wednesday, September 18, 2019



I know we've only had two books about the Becker siblings and we shouldn't compare because each book have their own distinction... but I'd like to say that I love Logan's story just a smidge bit better than Noah's.

I can relate to Logan's personality more—to his quirkiness... that he loves to read and arranges his books in a type of manner... that he wants what his parents had... that he's some type of neat freak and OC... that he needs stability and routine in his life... and that he loves his family but he needs his own space as well.

Logan and Mallory's story is sweet and swoon-worthy and sexy... and while I thought at first Mallory was a brat, she really wasn't. Their story was fast paced, but it wasn't unnatural because there was already a little bit of history in there... there was build up... there was anticipation.

This book would make you realize that some people are really worth the risk... and that it's okay not to have a lot as long as you have your dignity intact... to always do what's right even if it means losing people along the way... and that family should always be there for one another and not let anything get in the way of that. 

I can't also wait to read about the youngest Becker brother, Michael... that bomb he dropped during graduation night? Plot twist... Actually  there was a couple twists planted in the story... Would Michael finally open his eyes and look at this best-friend in a different way? Was Patrick so in love with Laurelei that he's been holding a grudge after all these years? These thoughts are what's plaguing me as I'm writing this review... and being the romantic sap that I am, I have ideas but.... well anyway, what are ya'll waiting for? Go get your copy and read about the sexiest (in my opinion) Becker brother!