Monday, September 16, 2019

HATED YOU THEN by Author M. Robinson


This is my first M. Robinson ARC and to say I was blown-away was an understatement. I devoured the book overnight.

I've known there was going to be another book... a continuation, but I was in denial.

This book isn't a light read but it isn't that angsty to the point of driving you nuts and wanting to pull your hair out. It's just the right amount.

I enjoyed the book. It was gripping from the first page to the last. I thought I was going to get tired of what seems like endless bickering but no... I was hooked... As I was reading, I keep thinking to myself, "and these are only kids right?" I don't think I've ever openly cussed until I was in my mid 20's... lol 

I can't believe the chapter ended the way it did and I had to wait 'til November 12 to know what happens next... It's the absolute worst feeling to be left hanging like this especially when it was just getting really good... 

I can't wait for you guys to read about Jackson and Harley, and I'm excited for book two.