Sunday, September 1, 2019

INTERMISSION by Author Lisa Suzanne


The ending on book one left me stomped and reeling... I was like, nnnooo! 

I was bracing up for book two... I waited in dire anticipation for this one—dire anticipation! 

I was also engulfed in anxiety... like will she end up with the football superstar or with the rockstar... or will there be more twists and turns waiting for me as I turn the pages... those things... I'm an anxious reader especially if I'm really invested in the story.

Man oh man. It's been a while since I wanted to slap a book character upside-down. Truthfully, I don't think being in Delaney's shoes is easy... but if you were in the guys shoes, it's not a walk in the park either... I don't think I could take it if the girl I'm love with spends time with another guy—especially with a guy who has romantic inclinations with her in the first place and especially if they have a romantic past... Love triangles are bloody messy. It's a tight and difficult position to be in one. Love is definitely a battlefield.

I'm glad she ended up with the right guy—the best guy. I'm not naming names but I just have to say that from the outset I was already rooting for him. You could feel the genuineness of his feelings. At one point I even felt that Delaney is undeserving of him... 

I can't wait for ya'll to read the conclusion of this riveting love story! Definitely a must-read!