Sunday, September 1, 2019

ONE SHAMELESS NIGHT by Author A.M. Hargrove


This is my 4th ARC from the author and I'm so stoked to receive this one. I'd read the blurb accidentally while scrolling through Instagram and thought this sounds alluring, and so I signed up.

It is sort of a combination of enemies to lovers, falling in love with your professor and a single dad romance all rolled into one. It's also an amalgam of drama, action and humor. What stole the spotlight from Piper and Alessandro was the kid—Gabriele... he was adorable, precocious and sweet. If it weren't for his insistence I don't think there'll be a love story to read about. Intrigued yet?

Overall, I enjoyed the story. It's not really a light read as there are parts that touched on violence and alcoholism... if you're a fan of love stories with a couple of unexpected twists, then this is the book to pick up next.