Friday, August 16, 2019

INTERCEPTION by Author Lisa Suzanne


I've read the "A Little Like Destiny" series so I'm familiar with the author. I admit, I haven't read a lot from her and she's fairly new to me but I'm definitely rectifying it.

I was browsing through instagram and read a post about this book. I read the blurb and I found myself really excited. I mean come on, two hot successful men fighting over the lowly, fallen-from-grace school teacher?? That's too good to resist! So I signed up and devoured the book overnight and let me tell you—OH.MY.FREAKING.GOD! OH.MY.FREAKING.GOD!

I know not everybody likes to read about love triangles. I get it... It can drive you crazy and it can be frustrating. And honestly, this story between Delaney, Gavin and Chase is just that. It's messy and her indecisiveness was driving me nuts. While I get that she wants to make the right decision, no decision is 100%  full-proof. There's always that sliver of chance that it could go wrong because we're dealing with people and feelings. I was rolling my eyes at her and there were times when I want to shake her upside down, like come on, open your eyes! He's right in front of you. I was mentally writing down pros and cons between the two guys... and dude! That last page?? I can't even. WTF?

The characters mesh well... there's a steady build up of excitement... and that plot twist—that was such a lowlife move but it's what made it gripping... I'm not going to name names but I just gotta say, that I hope he falls deep and gets his heart genuinely shattered... 

The whole story is sweet but also scandalous and you can't help but want more.

You know that saying... if you can't decide between two people, and if one of the contenders was me, then I'd rather not be the chosen one because I'd always wonder if it was genuine... 

I won't dissect the story anymore... I'll stop right here.

I can't wait to read the conclusion! I'll be anxiously waiting in dire anticipation!