Friday, June 28, 2019



This was my first read and first ARC from Ms. Doe. I'm glad she reached out to me. This book was such a wonderful surprise!

I'm a huge romantic sap. I'd devour anything that has romance in it... and while I usually read contemporary, once in a while I indulge myself in some fantasy fairy tale romance. I love reading about angels and demons, humans and fairy-princes, and about humans and sea people falling in love. This book came in such a timely manner because I've been thinking about reading a fantasy fairy tale romance for some time now. 

I immensely enjoyed the book! It was really unexpected... I got hooked from beginning to end. I even finished reading it within a day.

The pacing was great. The love triangle was exhilarating. The storyline was unique despite the many mermaid stories I've read before.

For the fans of The Siren and To Kill A Kingdom, and for all those who believe that love can conquer all, this is the book to pick-up next.