Wednesday, June 26, 2019



I got my first C.D. Reiss ARC from NetGalley though this wasn't the first book I've read from her.

The blurb got me excited... Secretly being in love with your childhood  best-friend is one of my fave trope.

I don't know if it was just me but sadly the book didn't live up to my excitement. I was disappointed. The premise of the story is great but the progress or how the whole story unfolded fell flat. Many times I've though about not finishing it because I felt like the characters lack chemistry or oomph and there were parts that were ridiculous that very often I was rolling my eyes and raising my eyebrows in disbelief... plus both protagonist were exasperatingly indecisive and a tad bit whiny through out the story. The good parts came a little too late because the story was almost ending... and I was like, what did just happened? 

The story had a lot of promise but it just didn't take off so to speak—well at least for me. So far it's been miss with the couple of C.D. Reiss books I've read. But I can't wait to another one from her. Who knows, maybe the next one will knock me off my feet.