Saturday, June 29, 2019

BLACK SHEEP by Meghan March


This was my first Meghan March ARC though not my first book. I've read most of her stuff and I'd like to say that she's definitely one of my favorites. 

The storyline isn't something I haven't read before... Mafia romances aren't really my cup of tea but the author makes it work. Hers is always more romantic than graphic and gruesome, which I love.

I'm rooting for Drew to accomplish her mission but her plan of execution wasn't very full-proof. The people whom she spends time with can't be that clueless not to put two and two together?? Someone of her caliber can't overlook something as simple as that. You can't make any missteps when dealing with the mob. 

I'm aware that this is a duet but the pacing and how the story unfolded was a wee bit faster than I usually like... but I guess there's no timeline when it comes to feelings.

But overall, I did enjoy Cannon and Drew's story... it was sweet, exhilarating and sexy... And that ending? Man, that ending... I was like, oh no! I can't wait to read book two!