Tuesday, June 11, 2019



This is my second Tia Louise ARC. I signed up for this one because the blurb lured me in.

This story is a combination of an enemies to lovers and in-love with your brother's friend storyline. 

I'm a huge romantic sap and I've read a lot of similar stories but there's just something about Stephen Hastings' and Emmy Barton's love story... 

I know the setting was in Manhattan and we're talking about Billionaires and stuff but there are aspects that were very relatable in real life... like doing anything and everything for your loved-ones, even coming to the point of sacrificing yourself... real life problems like a cheating and an abusive partner... and falling in love unexpectedly.

It's a light and easy read... there are emotional parts that will definitely pull on your heartstrings but nothing too exasperatingly angsty.

I love this book more than the first one!

To the fans of Carey Heywood, Lauren Blakely and R.S. Grey, this is the book to pick up next.