Saturday, June 8, 2019



This is my first ever Devney Perry ARC. I've read most of her books and I was so stoked to receive an advance review copy... the blurb lured me in. 

I loved the Birthday List but this is by far my favorite amongst all of her books... I've always wondered about Finn and Molly because both of them are Poppy's pillar of strength.

I've read a whole bunch of second-chance romance, but this one has a very unique storyline... the letters were very brilliant and was the catalyst for acceptance and healing.

The pacing was great... the build-up... the characters... I was excited and eager to devour page after page.

Reading this book is already kind of a therapy itself... it'll make you realize that communication and empathy really is the key to any successful relationship... it'll make you realize that some things are worth more than financial security and pride... and that its important to take a time out, breathe then assess the damage on yourself and then heal. It was such an eye-opener.

This book is simply amazing! It's a memorable read because it really made an impact on me ... definitely one of the best I've read this year!

It has everything... there's romance, humor and drama... It's raw and close to real life as it gets... I think you need some tissues on stand-by just incase... the tears will come depending on how emotional you are at the time of reading it.

To the fans of A.L Jackson and J.L. Berg, this is the book to pick up next.