Monday, June 17, 2019

ON THE ROCKS by Author Kandi Steiner


I'm so happy to be given the opportunity to receive another ARC from Ms. Steiner. She is definitely one of my favorite authors.

This book is about Noah Becker and Ruby Grace Barnett... they started rough... like they both can't decide whether they like each other or not. It was tricky at first... There is also an age gap between them but like I always say, age is just a number  and as long as both individuals are of legal age, its inconsequential.

It's not as angsty as her other books but it is still angsty in all Ms. Kandi Steiner fashion... and as I was contemplating about her books, I realized that I've always teared-up or cried at some point while reading her books... there is always something in there that'll pull on your heart strings tightly that would eventually make my eyes water no matter how much I try to keep it together... and this one is no different. It talked about love of family... the longing for a parent... longing for true love and realizing dreams... the longing for attention and sincere care... and I'd just about almost lost it.

Reading this book will make you realize that it's not always what it seems... that love is more important than duty... that some people are worth sacrificing for—are worth risking for.

I love that it has a country setting... and that the story stayed true with the traditions of that setting... the pacing worked well and the characters—the brothers, the mom and the grandma figure were all awesome. 

Although the story is totally different, it reminded me of Sweet Home Alabama... I don't know why, lol. 

For the fans of A.L Jackson, J.L. Berg, Devney Perry and Jasinda Wilder, this is definitely the book to pick up next.