Wednesday, June 19, 2019



I haven't received an ARC from Tijan since 2017. And when I learned about this one, I was totally over the moon. 

When I read the teasers  and the blurb, I got so curious and excited because I didn't think Tijan has ever published a sports romance before! Correct me if I'm wrong though. It was also a huge bonus that I'm a basketball fan and since the NBA season just concluded, receiving the ARC was very timely.

In all true Tijan fashion, the characters were great and relatable... the pacing works... the flow is seamless...

I think Charlie is charming and I greatly admire her candor and her quirks, but she can also frustrate the h€ll out of you, lol.

And Reese... well he is humble despite his superstar status and I can't blame the guy for being reticent because some people would use and abuse you without remorse... and I also can't help but compare Reese to Mason (Fallen Crest), lol. I think they're more similar compared to Logan.

I know I shouldn't be surprised on how much I enjoyed reading it but I think this is the first time my heart really broke for a character that was written by the author. I was mourning along as well... and while different people have different takes about what to do with such a sickness, I don't think I can blame Charlie for her decisions. You know that flight instruction about putting your own oxygen mask first before helping the next passenger? I think that's what she did there.

I hope I haven't given away any spoilers... I tried to be as vague as I can discussing my thoughts.

This is not an easy read but all in all it has comedy, romance and of course, drama. What more could you ask for? It's definitely something you don't want to miss!