Sunday, May 5, 2019



This is book two of the Hearts Duet—the continuation of Heartthrob.

Honestly, it took me a while to finish this book and not because it was long or uninteresting... I'm sorry but I gotta say that Lennox Reign is probably the most indecisive and self-absorbed male lead I've ever read to date... Yes, he's all that but a person's physical appearance, notoriety or bank account is not what all that matters. 

I've read about characters who are a bunch of @s$hölês but eventually turned themselves around and kept being at it... but basing on the flow of this story and how he manages the situations he was in... well it was painful to read. I've contemplated on not finishing but I've never DNF'd a book before let alone an ARC...

Firstly, he over reacted at Rachel for an obviously innocent mistake... he can't decide about his feelings for her or where they stand... he treats her like an after-thought... he goes back on his words... he lets his older baby mama practically bully him into submission for a project in exchange for him to see their daughter... and he was condescending in some parts of the book... heck it even took a 16yr old to knock some sense into him... smh... 

Seriously, I've never ever rolled my eyes on a book character so much! I was afraid it might get stuck that way. He obviously have issues but a normal, grown-up, matured man would never act that way. I don't know  if that was the reaction the author wants, seeing as indeed the book was entitled Heartbreaker.  

And Rachel... she's... well for a lack of a better word, a tad bit s+üp¡d. She's been holding on to this guy who treats her inconsequentially... who constantly breaks her heart by always choosing something else other than her... she lets him use her whenever he pleases... clearly he lacks in respecting her role in his life... I hate it when people make others question their worth.

This is just how I feel... both as a reader and as someone who's been treated this way.

I don't know if it's just me but if you'll take away all the shallow romanticism, I'm just saying it as it is.

I don't entirely hate the book, but I'm not spouting off praises either. Different people have their own opinion, and this is mine.