Saturday, May 4, 2019



This is my second ARC from Ms. Ilsa Madden-Mills, and both are sports-romance. I was so stoked when I got an email notification about receiving an ARC.

Lately I've been veering towards new-adult/young-adult romance and this one came in just the right time... and being a hockey fan myself, I was very excited to start the book.

If you've read the blurb, you'll probably already have an idea of how  the story would go—you start off pretending to be together and eventually end-up falling in love for real... 

I've read tons of books with the same storyline—it's a romance classic! I always eat that $h¡t up because I'm a huge romantic sap... I'm a sucker for butterflies and happy-endings... it never gets old... (sigh...)

This is the story of Sugar and Zach. Both go to Hawthorne University and both met at a frat party... Zach is a college hockey superstar... Sugar is a pre-law student who was waitlisted at the law school of her dreams... and both are in deep battle with each of  their personal demons... both beautifully broken in their own way.

I love the story! I enjoyed reading their journey... It's not your typical shallow, eye-roll inducing sports romance... It has heart. It's funny, slightly angsty, sweet and sexy... the characters were relatable— both as a couple and as individuals. The flow was great and the cover is scorching! It made me have heart-eyes, lol.

This book will teach you about resilience... about letting go, taking risks and most importantly  forgiveness.

If you're a fan of Jamie McGuire, Allie Everhart and LJ Shen— then this is the book to pick up next!