Thursday, April 18, 2019



This is the third book from the Confessions of the Heart series... each book can be read as a standalone but I still recommend to read the first two books... not only are they awesome but it'll also give you a sense of familiarity as the characters of the previous books makes appearances in this one.

I love Amy! Take This Regret is still one of my top five reads of all time... This is my third ARC from her and I was stoked to receive another. 

Ever since I started this series, I've always wondered about what Mack's deal is... In the first book, there's Jace, the businessman... the second book, there's Ian, the lawyer... and third is about Mack, the detective.

It's very difficult to pick a favorite... and now it's a toss-up between Ian and Mack.

In true A.L. Jackson, this one will surely tug at your heartstrings... it's angsty... definitely not a light read... and depending on how emotional you are at the time, you might need your tissues nearby.

This story will teach you about believing in yourself and about not letting yourself be defined by your past mistakes...

The cover is beautiful... the pacing is great... and such wonderful characters.

I won't be discussing anything further other than it's a great, emotional and romantic read because there are surprises in there that I want you guys to discover for yourselves...