Monday, April 8, 2019

PERFECT FORM by Author Britney Bell


This is my first time to read anything from Ms. Britney Bell. I was stoked to receive an ARC from her.

This is Tyler and Jordan's story... Tyler injured his back playing football and Jordan is a well-recommended massage therapist... and the rest you need to find out by picking up the book, lol.

I've read many books with similar storylines... I'm not really picky... just as long as it is well-written, as realistic a book can be and as long as it keeps my interest, I'm all for it. 

If you're not new to my blog, you'd know that I'm not a huge fan of novellas... Personally I think they leave you hanging in the end... I'm someone who loves anticipation and a good build-up... but with this one, I was surprised. Like I said, this is my first read from the author and I don't have any idea on what to expect from her... but I liked story. I enjoyed it. 

Even though it's short and fast-paced, it was not really that big of a cliché and shallow like how short stories usually go... I kept thinking, this would be awesome if it'll become a full length novel... Do novellas usually have an epilogue?? Lol I really wanted to read more about Tyler and Jordan... like the struggles of being a couple, building a family etc... I wanted that. Lol

If you're looking for something short and sweet and swoony I definitely recommend!