Thursday, April 4, 2019



I released a breath of relief when I saw the ARC of this book in my Kindle. I had been waiting in dire anticipation to read this one for months!

I've always been a fan of Ms. Cherry... ever since I've read Loving Mr. Daniels a couple of years back... My favorite book from her is THE AIR HE BREATHES... and it has been my all-time favorite even though I've read newer releases from her—until now. This one... this one is just so... (sigh). I don't have an exact word right now. Amazing just doesn't cut it.

It's divided into two parts—the past and present... You've probably got it while reading the blurb. 

Obviously, this book is about Eleanor and Greyson—hence the title. It's a slow burn... there's this longing and hopeful feeling you'd get. The innocence and naivety of the characters was a dire contrast to their future selves... Of course when something life shattering happens to someone, you'd never be the same again. It changes who you are no matter what.

You would need your Kleenex next to you as you go along... as what's usually expected from reading a Brittainy C. Cherry novel.

The story is heartwarming but also gut-wrenching... there was even a time when I felt like it was too much... it was overwhelming. I had to pause and take a deep breath because I was sobbing... I was able to empathize with the situation.

Everything was great... but I had hoped to know more about Grey's other love... How they started... Did he think of Eleanor at all as the years went by?

I don't want to give anything major away... so I need to stop right here.

I know different readers have different opinions... But I loved it! It's a beautiful love story about second-chances, fate and having faith... If I could rate it a hundred stars I definitely would!

Congratulations on another hit Brittainy!