Saturday, March 2, 2019



This is my third Leddy Harper ARC! I am beyond grateful to receive such an awesome opportunity.

This is the love-story of Brogan "Wrong" Daniels and Mercy Wright... hence the title... Brogan is a well-known tattoo artist and a reality tv star unbeknownst to Mercy... He is pretty intense and broody and keeps his cards close to him. Mercy is a wide-eyed, fresh college grad armed with a teaching degree. She was going to surprise her fiancé by flying in early but caught him in a compromising position with another woman in the club.. She upped and left without saying anything then got drunk... long story short, she and Brogan met outside the bar and that's when it all began...

I'm too pragmatic to throw caution into the wind and find myself shacking up with a complete stranger and then gone ahead and married him within a week—without even confronting the (ex-)fiancĂ© first off. 

I mean, I understand Brogan has a commanding presence and is so easy on the eyes but still, she's a grown, intelligent woman... and I guess she was emotional and distraught because of what has happened, and he was her knight in shining armor. I mean what happens when the fog clears out and ya'll realized you don't know this person at all??... thank goodness none of them turned out to be crazy, psychotic serial killers... but in true whirlwind romance fashion, the pet peeves started to manifest as the days went by... doubts kept on creeping in... your ideas and his ideas don't match... etc.

But thats the beauty of Love... you don't know when it sneaks up on you and of course you fall for the most unlikely person... I'm still pragmatic, but I do believe that when it hits you, you're powerless over it... anything is possible in the world.

To tell you the truth, I didn't like Mercy that much... I feel like she was exasperatingly flaky. But I guess it was part of the story... for her to be that way.

I've read many with the same storyline but romance is romance, and I'm a huge romantic sap... And I'd like to conclude that Brogan is by far my favorite... he maybe a tad closed off for my liking but it doesn't overshadow his sweet, softer side. I remember, while I was reading the book, I was like I wish he was real and I wish there were more guys like him, lol.

This is not only a story about love, but also a story about resilience and taking chances... and to never give up on someone based on misplaced pride.

For the fans of Monica James, Lila Monroe and Stacey Lynn, this is the book to pick up next.