Monday, March 11, 2019

KISS ME, STUPID by Author Gia Riley


This is my third Gia Riley ARC... my first two was the Broken Wings Duet.

I was so excited when I read the blurb... I thought maybe this time, I'd be able to totally fall in love with the characters... so I responded to the email and I signed-up for an ARC.

The story mainly shows us how destiny/fate works in mysterious ways... I mean who would've thought you'd be seated together with the heart throb you admired from afar? Or... Who would've thought the stranger you kissed on the plane was going to be your roommate and ya'll would be working together? It was kismet... The first few chapters were really great. It got me all fired up... the meet-cute, the sorta love-triangle... it was giving me butterflies in my tummy... and then something happened, and the butterflies left.

I get that Wirth was hurt in the past... that he had trust issues... and that cheating is cheating—I get it... And I also get that artists are broody and angsty by nature but overall, I felt like he was being overdramatic for a guy... Cheating would have to have malicious intent... it would have to be premeditated—it wasn't, at all. 

And Chandler, she was adorable. I liked her at the beginning... she took a risk, she was sassy and charming... but as the story went by, I felt like she was just being mopey and indecisive... their love-story was the whirlwind kind, and I'd usually dig that even though that kind of storyline is not very realistic ( and also because I'm a pragmatic person)... but I thought the story was becoming a tad bit childish and corny–the annoying kind. The push and pull... the hot and cold vibe... it became exasperating.

As I went on, I kept on, this isn't what I expected the story to unravel... this isn't what I expected these characters would be... I thought I'd continue to fall in love with Wirth and Chandler but it all fell flat as the story progressed... but I'd like to say— the best-friend brought humor and lightness... I loved his candor.

These are just my thoughts... I guess I didn't connect with them like as much as I anticipated to. It's probably just me...