Thursday, February 21, 2019



Melanie Harlow is one of my favorite authors! If its from her, I gotta read it... and I'm so thankful to receive this ARC.

I understand that this is a new series—the Cloverleigh series.  This first book is about Frannie and Mac... they made an appearance in Ms. Harlow's last book, ONLY LOVE. Mac is One of Ryan's closest friends and is the bestman in his upcoming wedding. Frannie is the receptionist at her family's inn—The Cloverleigh Inn, where Mac is employed as the CFO... aaand she also 10years younger than him and is currently his kids' part time nanny.

Personally, when you're already in your late 30's, a 10-year age gap isn't really a big deal anymore... but when you went through a nasty divorce and taking care of three daughters, starting a relationship with the boss' daughter/nanny is not something you take lightly... 

I understood Mac's hesitations... but his push and pull was exasperating because it was like he's almost stringing her along... or taking advantage of her feelings for him. Frannie on the other hand was more decisive but she was just mostly taking her cues from Mac... she didn't want to impose... and I felt her frustration and hurt.

And those adorable girls... they almost stole the spotlight away from the couple.

I enjoyed reading the book... The pacing was good. The characters were great... It's mainly a story about taking chances—taking a chance to make your dream a reality and taking a chance at love.

It's sweet and swoony and it's something you'd want to read on a sunny day at the beach or just simply hanging out at home relaxing...