Thursday, February 21, 2019



This is my second ARC from Dylan Allen and I was so excited to read this! I just love her. She has a way of keeping her readers on their toes and wanting more.

This book was one of my most anticipated in 2019. The Legacy—the first book of the Rivers Wilde series, was one of my most memorable reads in 2018...  

Although this book can be possibly read as a standalone, I recommend reading the first one to understand and know some of the characters who are making a re-appearance since the story mainly revolves about their tumultuous family relationship, apart from the love story itself. I had to revisit the last couple of chapters to refresh my memory.

Sigh... I love Remi... I love Kal... I love them both together. Their love-story started when they were young... there were deliberately placed roadblocks on their path but when its meant to be, its will always find its way... no matter how long it takes.

The characters were great. The pacing was great... I was held captive page after page, wanting to know what happens next to these characters...   

Remi is my favorite as of date... he is relentless. He doesn't give up easily... and when he loves, he loves you with all that he is... nobody can resist a man who knows what he wants and goes after it.

I do have a question though... what happens to Gigi and Lucas?? I hope they will have their own story someday... I feel that part was vague and inquiring minds with romantic sappy hearts would want to know—what happens next?

I cant wait to read about Remi's twin,  Regan. That last page got me so bothered, I don't think I can wait 'til fall... lol