Wednesday, January 23, 2019



This is my first Jill Shalvis ARC and I was very excited! I have some of her books in my TBR shelf but have not started on one yet so I don't have any idea what to expect.

So this book is about Caleb Parker and Sadie Lane's journey to happy ever-after.  It all started when they decided to co-parent a mutt they found on the street... it was the catalyst of why their relationship grew more and became complicated as the days passed.

Sadie was has trust issues and an emotional baggage that could stretch an Airbus320. Caleb was retrospective but he's more easy going and easy to love.

To be honest, I'm on the fence about Sadie... She was a tad bit exasperating because of her push and pull... it's as if she's playing games without the actual game playing. I hope I make sense... she was prickly and indecisive... Caleb on the other hand was more relatable because of his sisters and his love for his family was very obvious. 

The story talked about self-harm, about body issues, insecurities and bullying.

I don't think it's a light read. Its a wee bit heavier than what I consider as my usual "light read" but I did enjoy the book.