Wednesday, January 23, 2019

FROM SMOKE TO FLAMES by Author A.M. Hargrove


I was so stoked to receive another ARC from Ms. Hargrove.

This book is probably the heaviest I've read from her. It talked about the real life struggles of a single-mom who is being emotionally and physically abused by her ex-husband and a child  being physically and mentally abused by her own father. It also talked about the struggles of a recovering addict and the abuse of illegal substance.

Some parts were difficult to see in my head because I wasn't able to relate to it, but it still opened my mind... it made me aware about how it is to go through something like that.

I love that Pearson West and Rose Wilson overcame their individual hurdles... that they forged on and pushed themselves even when things seemed so bleak... I loved that they were given a second chance at life and love, and that their family was there to support them. I truly believe that while we have our own individual strengths, having and knowing your family is there for you, definitely makes you a whole lot stronger.

This is not a light read. Like I mentioned earlier it is full of angst and drama, but it's definitely an eye-opener.