Wednesday, October 3, 2018


The beginning of any love story starts with the meet.

I’ve known Garrett Hollis since before I can remember, and I’ve loved him just as long. I loved him while he loved someone else. I loved him when he had a baby with her. I loved him when she left him.

The greatest of love stories is that between a dad and his daughter. I should know. I’ve had a front row seat. First steps, first words, all the big moments.

Garrett was just a teenager when Mia was born. I’ve watched him braid his daughter’s hair, hold her hand crossing the street, seen her asleep on his chest. I’m the best friend, the one they can count on for everything from dance lessons to motherly advice, anything they need. I’m their go-to girl.

The best part of any love story is the happily ever after.

But what if the happily ever after doesn’t include you?

All my life, that’s how long I’ve loved him.

Of course, he’s clueless.


This is my first Prescott Lane ARC, or story ever. And I'm glad I got to know about her through this. I am definitely going to read more of her work.

This book was so unexpected! It's just what you want to read when you're feeling a wee bit down or out of sorts.

Yeah sure the story line isn't something I haven't read before, but it has heart... The small, quaint town setting; it's people rallying for each other... the hot and awesome single dad of a strong-willed but very caring and passionate teenager... it's everything.

There were times when I just wanted to shake Devlyn and Garrett... that he just took Devlyn for granted all these years and she just stood by like a martyr accepting it all.

I'm happy about how the story was told... how it emphasizes on love—for family, for yourself & for each other. The story was relatable in so many ways... I can relate to Garrett, to Devlyn... to Mia and even to Garrett's dad, Edward.

I may have cried a few tears but I don't know if it's just me being emotional because I'm feeling under the weather. You guys be the judge of that... 

I definitely loved the book! If you're a fan Kristen Ashley, A.L Jackson, Corinne Michaels and J.L Berg—then this is the book to read next.