Monday, June 11, 2018

HARD CRUSH by Author Mira Lyn Kelly

I never thought I’d see her again
Let alone find her in the same spot I left her ten years ago, teaching at the high school where we fell in love. 
Back then I was the geek with too many ideas and one girl I wanted forever. 
Now I’m the man driving a multi-billion dollar tech industry. And these days, one night with a soft body is as close to forever as I get. 
It’s all I want. Or it was.
I should have kept walking
But I wanted that laugh. That smile.
I wanted five minutes before I got back to the life with no room for my past.
One kiss was all I meant to take
But then her fingers were in my hair, her breath hot against my lips. 
My hands… everywhere.
Now I want more
I want her, but she only wants the guy I used to be. 
And just like the first time... I can’t stay, and she won’t leave…


I'd like to apologize for this late post as my family and I were and still are going through some painful personal stuff. The last couple of weeks were tough, and I just want to ask for your understanding. Thank you so much.


It's been a while since I've read a sweet and swoony second-chance romance!

So Abigail Mitchel and Hank Wagner were high school sweethearts. They parted not so amicably and through the years, thoughts of each other still haunted them respectively... and so a decade passed and they saw each other again... Hank wanted to rekindle what once was, but Abby is very reluctant to the point of pushing him away.

Aaand I'm not gonna say anything more. Sure, I admit its a happy ending... but I'm pretty sure you'd wanna know the journey between these two... it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns. There is angst and drama as well.

I love Mira Lyn Kelly books! I enjoy reading them so much because it's inspiring and uplifting! For those fans of Holly Stephens, and Lauren Blakely or if you just want something light and sweet, this is the book to pick up next!