Tuesday, April 3, 2018

UNTIL SUNRISE by Sarah O'Rourke


Michelle Buchanan wasn't looking for the perfect man to fill her life. She'd settle for Mr. Right Now to fill the empty spot in her bed - just someone that could help her with the little problem of her lingering virginity. But when Luka Templeton invaded her blind date and suddenly begins taking over her every waking thought, she realizes that she is in way too deep with the confident alpha male currently wreaking havoc on her life. Join us on this romantic comedy romp as Chelle and Luka find their way to happily ever after!  
Romantic comedy. INSTALOVE! Part of Aurora Rose Reynold's Happily Ever After Kindle World. (And if you've read Aurora's Until series, you'll know Chelle from Until Ashlyn


This is my first time to read from Sarah O'Rourke... I know, I know. FYI I'm not living under a rock but I am well aware I need to venture out of my usual and spread my reader wings... I haven't read any of Aurora's books, but I have them on my iPad.   

I was syncing my kindle, saw the cover and I got sooo excited to read this. Initially I thought this was a full-length novel... then the fast pacing and the fast evolution of the characters' relationship made sense—this was a novella... I didnt the blurb before starting the book...

Honestly I thought Luka was a tad bit aggressive. If it was me, I would've been scared... I mean, come on... a total stranger, no matter how sexy and handsome he is, his kind of  intensity and approach would scare the shit out of me... their banter is cute and sweet but overall, I felt like it wasn't natural or normal. T'was too fast, too soon... I know anything is possible in the world, that there is a thing called love at first sight.... and I know it's just a book but still an established business man wouldn't be that aggressive... there are anti-harassment laws. And Michelle... she's alright... I didn't like that she gave in to the pressure but it is what's supposed to happen.