Wednesday, April 4, 2018



Molly Hartford was a writer with big dreams, and even bigger aspirations. She had no idea how far out of her depth she was about to be, when she bought a dilapidated house in the Washington Peninsula. It was in desperate need of some help, but she was fully convinced that she could do majority of the work herself. A few self-help videos, and maybe a class at a hardware store — she’d have this in the bag.
Easy peasy. 
Before she even signed the papers, she noticed her sexy neighbor, Blake Whitmore. He was a general contractor with his own business and an eye for detail. Painting walls, repairing cabinets and caulking bathtubs were among his many specialties. Blake was dead set on showing her she had no business remodeling a home. 
Playful flirting, sexual innuendos, and physical attraction are all part of the job… right?
Except they both may find out that things aren’t all fun and games when walls come down, and layers are scraped away. Relationships are built on solid ground, but not when foundations are full of cracks and there’s so much more hiding underneath.


I was so stoked to receive an ARC from Stacy Borel... she's one of my faves.

So this book revolves around Molly and Blake...Molly Hartford is a romance writer who bought a fixer-upper in Blake Whitmore's neighborhood, who is a contractor. 

They didnt like eachother much. He was broody and rude, and she was a wee bit perky. Over the course of time their relationship deepened and one thing lead to another aaaaaand.... well let's leave it at that.

I love it! Its sweet and light and everything you'd want in a contemporary romance! For the fans of Carey Heywood's FIX-IT Series, this is the one to pick up next!