Thursday, January 25, 2018



Some men are troublemakers or dealmakers. The men in my family? We’re baby makers. 
For six generations, the women of wine country have had a saying: don’t bang a Hunter man unless you want a bun in your oven.
Yeah, well. I’ve got a saying too: no thanks. The last thing I need is baby makes three. My business is expanding and the only thing I’m interested in getting knocked up is my bottom line.
But then one night Emma Haverford makes me an offer I can’t refuse—she backs away from the land I have my eye on in exchange for a favor…
A big, fat, baby making favor…
When I hear women have gotten pregnant shaking hands with Hunter men, I know I need Dylan Hunter’s…ahem, special skills…way more than I need to expand my vineyard. 
I’m ready to give my heart to a child and I’m tired of waiting for my late-to-the-party Prince Charming to make my dreams come true. So I promise Dylan—three months of hot, heavy, baby-making s-e-x and then I’m out of his hair forever.
But what if when it comes time to say good-bye, all I want to do is keep bottling up more memories with this big-hearted man?


Can ya'll believe this would only be my second time to read something from Lili Valente?? and the first one was when she co-wrote with Lauren Blakely in the V-Card... I'm mentally slapping myself right now... I've read tons of ARC's these past couple months, and most of the authors I haven't even known existed. smh. All those talents I'm missing out on, including Ms. Valente... But like I've promised myself, I will definitely rectify that.

The story revolves between two neighbors—sexy farmer, Dylan Hunter and ex-Silicone Valley exec, Emma Haverford—basically having a tiff over a piece of neighboring land... and of course the title of the book itself is already a dead 

This is such a sweet and dreamy love story... Its nothing I haven't read before, but I'll never get tired of reading something like it anyway... To be honest the whole concept of propositioning someone who's not even your friend in anyway, is kinda preposterous and overly forward...  but I guess anything is possible. I wasn't able to relate to that but I did relate to Dylan, who cares about every member of his family so much... 

I thought the pacing was good... the interactions between each character is realistic... I would've wanted a longer epilogue but thats just the romantic sap in me talking... It's light and swoony and all kinds of delightful—like moist chocolate cake with coffee cream filling (Le Sigh).

To the fans of Penelope Douglas, Vi Keeland, Lauren Layne and Lauren Blakely, this is definitely the book to devour next!