Tuesday, November 21, 2017



I once loved a boy who grew into a man.  A man that promised me stability, loyalty, and a lifetime of security. I had it all—at least I thought so. Until mere minutes with someone else made me want for more. More than I already had. Forbidden wants that I shouldn’t wish for. 
Cade Ryder was everything my Ivy League pedigree should have stayed away from. Every sane part of my existence screamed for me to keep my distance.  Distance from where he worked. Distance from him, his body, and his soul-searing eyes.  But the more I stayed away, the more our lives merged. Now my life—my normal—is unraveled. My heart, my hope, my new future all in the hands of a tall, tatted bartender.    I planned my forever with the perfect man. But sometimes the heart wants more than stability, more than security, more than what others want for you. One thing’s for sure—destiny can’t be planned.

Releasing December 4, 2017


I received an ARC for this one... I've read books from Author Mia Kayla before, but I gotta say that this by far is my favorite. 


So the story basically revolves around Angelica, Roland and Cade...(I repeat, basically)... This is kinda' like a falling-in-love-with-the-bad-boy type of story, only the male protagonist isnt really a bad boy... and the heroine...well she really isn't very different from the male lead... She's caring, smart and an all-around good girl who loves to make everybody happy.... and the other dude is just a plain—jerkwad, for a lack of a better word.


I'm a romantic sap okay? Shocker! I know! Lol but seriously, you can't really fight feelings... It's like mad boiling water. The more you suppress it, the more it'll spill over and burn you... And I guess its true what they say about un-nurtured love, dies a slow death... and lastly, I guess it's true what they say about what's meant to be, will always find its way.... 


I really cant say much for fear of giving out more clues... but I loved it! I thought it'd be a typical bad boy / good girl romance... I was already prepared to roll my eyes on their cheesy exhanges and on the cheesy storyline... but none happened! 


Plus, I can relate to either lead characters—because both love their families... both are loyal...both are passionate and both loves cake!lol


I'm a daddy's girl, and I especially love the part about Angel and her Dad having a heart to heart convo.


It is a wee bit angsty and has a bit of a drama... but all in all I think it's still a light read... If you're into stories about following your heart and taking risks, then this is the book to pick up next! I cant wait for the next book in the Ryder Boys series!