Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Every Sunday morning it’s just us in a fancy hotel suite.

 We fight, argue, and make up like teenagers do.

We touch, we suck, but we don’t kiss. 
No, we never kiss.
His lips have been all over my body - everywhere but on top of mine.
I wasn’t supposed to need his touch.
To beg for a kiss...just one little kiss. 
But our little arrangement has swallowed me whole. 
I only crave one thing, but I know he’ll never give it to me.
Because the only way he’ll ever kiss a woman on the lips is if he loves her.
And my playboy boss--a man who is promised to another woman--will never love me.




Crave is about Jenna Taylor, having a torrid affair with her boss, Judas Clement. The point of contention starts when she begins to develop deeper feelings for him and him, being very adamant about their relationship as strictly a no-strings-attached one... and through all these times, he hasnt kissed her on the mouth because he believes kisses are sacred; that he'll only do so if and when he's sure he's inlove... plus, he's kinda' bethrothed to another woman, so will they or nah? (Wink)


Its exciting to go along Judas and Jenna's story... I'm well aware that this is a novella, its why I kept on checking how many pages are left because I simply just dont want it to end! Its was giving me an anxiety!lol


This is my second Nora Heat ARC... and I gotta say that this is just as good. I'm not usually a fan of novella's because it always leaves me hanging but with the author's magic, it has everything—it all just makes sense. Yeah sure, I'm a romantic sap and I'm always going to want more... like a longer epilogue or something but like I said, if there's an awesome novella writer out there, Shanora's the one!

If ya'll CRAVE a sexy office romance, this is the book to pick-up next!