Sunday, September 3, 2017



Rule #1: No hot guys.
It might sound ridiculous. I get it. It kind of was, but college was supposed to be my sanctuary. It was my place to start over. The rumors, the whispers, and the jealousy I endured through high school would all be gone.
No one would know me at college.

Rule #2: No drama.
I’d major in pre-law. I’d make a few loyal friends. Everything would be easy-breezy. No one was going to use me or hurt me. I wouldn’t let them.

Rule #3: New year. New place. New me.
And all because of Shay Coleman.
Football captain and quarterback, he was the big guy on campus. The cocky guy in my political science class with a smirk. I hated him on sight . . .
. . . and he was about to break all my rules. 
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My Thoughts After Reading...
I'm a huge fan of Tijan's! She's awesome! I've read most of her work and I'm proud to say I'm a big fan of The Fallen Crest series! Okay, so now that it's all out of the way, let's get down to the topic at hand...

The title is pretty much self-explanatory—HATE TO LOVE YOU... What comes to mind is "reluctance" or "stubbornness." After a few pages in, and we finally get to meet the female protagonist Kennedy Clarke—you're already nodding your head, saying to yourself "Oh, that's why..." Lol

Honestly, I had to re-read the first few pages because I was a wee bit taken aback by Kennedy's loathe or despise towards Shay Coleman (and company)... then I realized she's normally just a prickly little thing. And I love her for it! Her candor is very refreshing and her brand of bluntness and crazy is freaking funny! I mean you'd think most college students are all about conformity and being all cutesy but not her... It's like once she starts to say what's on her mind, circumspection flies out the window, lol.

I get why she is the way she is... Some people adamantly learn from their mistakes and doesn't want a repeat... She takes her life lessons seriously—sometimes (almost) to a fault. And because of it, she has a tendency to alienate those around her... 
And what about Shay Coleman? He's your typical but decent college jock... Self-aware and oozes confidence... Well he really is awesome in the story despite what Kennedy says(sigh)... Definitely an embodiment of what a "Man Candy" is.

What I love about the story is that it deals with present-time college problems—issues with everyday college students, issues with college athletes, the  parties and fraternities... the mental, physical  and emotional health of each student... just typical college life in general... 

The pacing of the events are great... The characters have their own personalities and roles... There was a twist in the story, and frankly I wasn't expecting that. I just wish there was an epilogue...or a longer ending. I'm curious about everybody.

The story-setting reminded me of some of the Author's previous works (school, new adult etc). There are definitely similarities but they're also distinct at the same time—do I make sense?lol 

I can't say anymore and run the risk of giving away spoiler/s... All I can say is that Shay and Kennedy's journey wasn't an easy one... Having trust issues is definitely an acid when it comes to any type of relationships. I'm just gonna leave it at that. 

What issues, you ask? What secrets? Find out and get your copy of HATE TO LOVE YOU, out now!