Monday, May 15, 2017

BABY DADDY by Author Nelle L'Amour


I have three cardinal rules:

1. Never mix business with pleasure.

2. Never let a woman spend the night.

3. Never date a woman with kids.


Kids freak me out. God only knows how many this baby daddy has. Man, what was I thinking when I was in college? Me, Drake Hanson. God’s gift to women. Aka Donor 5262. It was a piece of cake and fifteen hundred dollars a month for my deposits (in sperm bank speak) came in handy. I just didn’t think about the consequences. One day, some kid is going to call me Daddy and I’m going to get hit up for child support. Big time.


Now, my father is pressuring me to settle down because the investor who’s looking to acquire his animation company doesn’t want a player running a family-oriented business. Just in time, she came along. The temp. Dee Walker. The minute the hot as sin brunette with her killer curves and those chocolate brown eyes stepped foot in my office and saved me from an ugly disaster with her magic hands, I wanted her to be mine. Except she’s totally off limits. And there’s someone else she loves with all her heart and soul that I can’t replace.


Can my temp become my forever before my past catches up with me? I’m willing to break all the rules.



My Thoughts After Reading

Nelle L'Amour books aren't new to me. I was a fan of the That Man series, and this is my first time reviewing one of her works. I received an ARC a couple of days ago in exchange for a honest review... So here it goes...

I loved the story. All in all it's a feel-good story... One that leaves you sighing and hopeful in the end. My only problem with it is the pacing... As an avid reader and a huge romantic sap, the relationship between Drake & Dee just progressed so quickly. So quickly that it kinda' gave me a whiplash... I dont know what the right word is, but synonymous to un-natural... I was piecing together all the events and mentally calculated everything happening within a month's time—give or take; which was too much soon. It was overwhelming.
I always weigh things the best I can everytime I write a review—my thoughts as a reader, the point of the author and of course, how relatable it is to real life... 

I mean, I get it... Anything is possible. There's what they call insta-love... there's love (or lust) at first sight...  I get that there are instances where your heart jumps at the sight of some beautiful stranger and imagine all these romantic possibilities in your head... And the heart wants, what it wants... that there is no timetable when it comes to love... Like I said anything is possible—with love and life... But by also basing on the entire gist of the story and each lead character's personalities, it all just seemed crammed for their relationship to deepen so much within a very, very short period of time... They were practically hanging out on a personal manner those first few days, and Dee had just started to work for him! It was a forgone conclusion that she is an intelligent, talented single mom, but to do what she did that first day?? cleaning the barf off of him to the point of, well, you know... And for him to be that way around her afterwards?? the blowing off...being practically naked infront of a newly-hired  subordinate?? It was a friggin lawsuit waiting to happen... and these people are educated and professionals... and realistically speaking, when a superior does it around a temp, well.... (Shrugs) I'm just saying. I know the setting is in LA, and I mean no disrespect to any soul...but even a broadminded person would definitely raise an eyebrow on that one.

I mean, come on...we're talking about a total manwhore here... a hardcore player who is supposedly one of LA's eligible bachelors... one who wanked for extra cash wayback in college. Although its possible for someone like him to change, I just dont think its realistic that he will play daddy within a few days time, to his temp's child nonetheless... I know an attraction is inevitable when you put two smart, beautiful people together, but it just happened so fast... Plus there's the abusive ex, who suddenly got out of jail & wanted revenge, and who "coincidentally" just happened to be the drug dealer to their psycho company PR person, who is obsessed with the male protagonist himself... oh, and I also think the "pretending" part in the story is unnecessary...It only made me roll my eyes... I'm sorry!

Don't get me wrong, I loved the overall idea of the story. A single mom with an adorable sassy kid and a reformed playboy having their happy ever-after is such a heartwarming read...its just... I cant get over the pacing...given their respective pasts and their respective personalities which, makes their love story hastily put together... Well it's probably just me who feels this way... I probably dissected it more than I should, but these are my thoughts. And I'm probably just one of those people who loves a build-up...the slow-burn kind of love...ones that make you anxious and happy-excited as the pages turn.

The crossover of the characters from other books were seamlessly written in... The supporting cast were more than okay... I feel like there's a book comin' up about the bestfriend and the sister in the future... It's probably just wishful thinking but you never know... and the epilogues were one of the best parts of the story...

Like I said, its a feel good story. Its funny and sometimes frustrating but it has some awesome life lessons which we can all learn from.
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