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Kate has given up on love—at least for herself. She is both blessed and cursed with the ability to sense a romantic connection between two people—a gift that her family passed down for generations. When Kate launches her own matchmaking company, Kinnection, with her two best friends in a cozy New York town, she has to put aside her own romantic disasters to make her business a success.

But when a furious man stalks into her office and accuses her business of being a scam, Kate is given the ultimate challenge to prove herself. Slade puts himself in her hands and asks Kate to find him love. Enraged at his arrogance but stubbornly eager to prove herself, Kate agrees, dedicating herself to the journey of finding him love...only to find herself falling for him along the way.


Searching for Someday is the story about Kate Seymour, who co-owns the matchmaking agency, Kinnections, along with 2 of her friends. She has this uncanny ability to feel when 2 people are soul mates, and so far all of her matches are successful... and like any other hopeless romantic, she longs to feel that same connection for herself whenever she goes out on a date and to eventually find her own soul mate.

Enter hotshot divorce Attorney extraordinaire, Slade Montgomery. Tall, tanned and dangerously good looking...but her total opposite. After being a divorce' himself, his concept of love is jaded, more so in finding a soul mate.

When Slade learned that his sister, Jane signed up with Kinnections, his overbearing, overprotective brotherly instincts kicked into high-gear. He went and accused Kinnections of taking advantage of a person's vulnerability  just to make a profit. He even threatened to sue the agency if things don't work out for his sister... Of course Kate wouldn't have any of it. She met each rant and each skepticism head-on... But as the perennial skeptic and stubborn-ass he is, he signed-up and challenged Kate to find someone well-suited for him. And thus the quest began...

And along the way, somehow...the believer becomes the skeptic and the skeptic became the believer.

Searching For Someday is a story about believing in yourself enough, to trust yourself enough to lay your heart on the line and take a chance at love. True love is always worth the risk...because if we wont try, how will we know what is?

I've always loved Jennifer Probst's books... The Marriage Bargain is an all-time favorite of mine. I've read it like 5x... There's just something about the way her love stories flow. And always after each story, it leaves the reader inspired and hopeful for their own happy ever after...

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