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A missed first encounter…

Colliding with a second chance…

On the heels of graduating college and trying to cope with her mother’s death, Emily Cooper moves to New York City for a fresh start.

While harboring secrets of his own, Dillon Parker takes care of Emily through her grief. Knowing he can’t live without her by his side, he’s sweet, thoughtful, and everything Emily has ever wanted in a man.

Until she meets Gavin Blake—a rich and notorious playboy who is dangerously sexy and charming as hell. Emily tries to deny the instant connection she feels, but Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome is not inclined to let go so easily. Recovering from his own painful past, Gavin will stop at nothing to win Emily over. 

This unexpected encounter compels Emily to question her decisions, forcing her to make a choice that will destroy friendships, shatter hearts, and forever change her life.

My thoughts after reading...

These effin' cliffhangers  just clenches my chest even more than it can probably take... but seriously though, the love triangle of Dillon Parker, Emily Cooper and Gavin Blake is simply----- delicious... If it happened in real life, its something you'd wanna write about...

Okay...So our female protagonist, Emily Cooper is a transplant from Colorado. She moved to New York City for a change in scenery...to get her mind off her mothers passing, find a teaching job; and being in the same state as her boyfriend Dillon Parker is just an added bonus... Then she meets the illustrious, dashing debonaire that is Gavin Blake, while delivering food to his workplace since the designated delivery man just up and quit without notice from the restaurant where she temporarily works as a waitress...Like any other decent woman who's in a relationship, she fights against her attraction and just shrugs it like its something temporary..but temporary is an understatement! LOL

Trying to playback the incident of their first meeting, I think it was fate that took over their whole story. And whats making the situation even more awkward and complicated, is that both men know each other and are actually friends.  In the beginning of the story, I was kinda' rooting for Dillon; that they'll be able to overcome whatever temptations or problems they will encounter... He is determined to succeed and strives hard to attain a life of opulence. Thats how driven Dillon is...

 I kept jumping into conclusion, that Gavin Blake is just an effin tease and  a distraction...But as I progressed through, I was definitely wrong... turns out the real asshat in the story is Mr. Douchepickle himself--Dillon Parker. He became this cocky SOB and was fucking around with another girl even when he's in a serious relationship with Emily...heck! even when Emily's around he'll just magically disappear and appear like a freaking ninja! That lying master manipulator! Yes Olivia,  Emily's close college friend, is right... Dillon is indeed an asshole. Plus it didn't help that he's bossy, short-tempered and has a tendency to inflict bodily harm.

Now on to Gavin Blake...Well, his cockiness is very much understandable... He thinks he's God's gift to women. He's depicted to be heartless in the boardroom and in the bedroom..just tosses his women like dirty clothes in the hamper... but of course, he wouldn't be the asshole he was today if it weren't for his erstwhile gold-digging girlfriend Gina...who up and left him when she thought Blake Industries was slowly sinking... so yeah, we couldn't really blame him for being the cold-hearted man-whore he is known for... But of course, fate had to meddle and in comes Emily delivering food to his workplace.

Oh God...I can only imagine that kind of feeling...That first time they met in the lobby....is like lightning jolting you from within... a magnet that pulls you closer and tugs on your very being...the feeling where the oxygen leaves your lungs and you just stand frozen, in awe and amazement... To have your body organs react in such a frenzy, is just so overwhelming and wonderful... I guess in this case, love at first sight isn't like searching for unicorns on the field....

I loved how Gavin loves Emily...how he finally let go of his fear of falling in love and just let his heart out... But as usual, when something makes you smile, life has a funny way of throwing bad surprises at you... Like the appearance of a crazy demented ex-gf outside his door... Cant blame Emily  for feeling the way she did...Of course she's beyond angry! who wouldn't? and of course she wouldn't listen to him because---again she's angry...she's hurt. I guess we could understand the  impulsive reaction of marrying Dillon again, but couldn't she realize the fact that she's marrying someone out of spite? And the blaring fact that she's in love with someone whom she's not marrying? Pride just amps the divorce rate even more..

I loved the story! Why else would I take time to ramble about this book if I don't?!? Again, its just these effin cliffhangers that drives me nuts! Gail McHugh, doll...Was wondrin if you could release Pulse much earlier... Your killin' me here! Summer season only just begun and I've already a ton of books in line and anticipating on.... Please have mercy on the weary!!! August 10 is just too damn long a wait 😞 Those effin' teasers didn't satisfy my craving-----at all.... I kinda' feel like one of the Cullen's here... you know, just drinking animal blood LOL 😉

Here's a link to a song I think that's very fitting for Gavin Blake's feeling on Emily Cooper's deliberate resistance to him and her impending nuptials to Dillon Parker:

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