Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cover Reveal: THIS HEART OF MINE by Amanda Bennett (Raine #3)

Hi ya'll! I was so excited and honored to receive an email from the very talented, romance literary- whiz, Ms. Amanda Bennett! Yes, people---the same genius who wrote the Broken Series, and of course one of my fave reads, Misguided Heart.

THIS HEART OF MINE is the third installment from the Raine Series. Join Kayla James and Madison Raine as they try to figure-out a way to overcome the complex emotional predicament they find themselves in... Is their love strong enough to face their own personal demons? Or will letting-go be an option, just to keep each other from hurting? Find out on July 11, 2013 (date is subject to change).



Kayla seems to have it all. She has a wonderful man who would go to the ends of the earth for her and a family that seems to support her regardless of the consequences. But is it enough to help her face her demons and to truly find happiness within her heart?

 Madison never thought he would be faced with so many life altering decisions at such a young age. he wants to do right by Kayla and his family, but when old wounds reopen he finds himself questioning every choice he has ever made.

 Life isn't all it seems for these two and they're coming to the realization that there will always be someone wanting to come along and destroy it all.

 Will following her heart prove to be the right decision, or will it be the one thing that could make the only man she's ever loved, say good-bye for good? 


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