Tuesday, August 18, 2020

DRIVE ME WILD by Melanie Harlow



I was so excited to receive this ARC. I've been waiting for this ever since it was announced! I know it may seem that every time Melanie Harlow releases a book it's my favorite—but if you've been reading my blog, you'd know that Jack Valentini is my ultimate Harlow male lead ever and now, it's a toss up between him and Griffin Dempsey! *sigh* 

I love everything! I know I always say I hate insta-love or fast paced romance, mostly because I think love has to stand on a solid foundation... but with Griffin and Blair, it didn't feel like I was reading about a couple who've only known each other a few days. It really does come down to how well someone tells the story. The pacing, the character development, the angst, plot twist—everything is great! And the cover! Can we get a moment to appreciate the cover? It's so Griffin... a little bit grumpy, broody but all so swoon-worthy and sexy!

It's swoony, sweet and sexy and it's one of those books where you need to have a paperback copy as well an electronic one... even an audio one!

I kept on checking my book how much longer I still have because I didn't want it to end! *wails* I wanted more of Griffin and Blair... and I know the Bellamy Creek series is going to be awesome! I can't wait! I'm already excited for Cole and Cheyenne's story!