Wednesday, December 11, 2019




I've been waiting for this ARC ever since it was announced. I normally don't veer to an age-gap romance but there's just something about the blurb that lured me in, and I was thankful I had signed-up for this one.

This is a combination of sports and age-gap romance, where the female protagonist is 17years older than the male lead. 

I'm the same age as Thalia Blackwood and as I indulged myself and imagined, as a 40year old woman, I'd surely have the same fears and trepidations as her given her backstory. 

Let me just make it clear that Thalia is 40 and Alejo is 23, going on 24. There's no statutory rape or child abuse happening here, lol.

Dating is already hard enough, what more dating a soccer superstar who is old enough to be your son? aaand you work for the team he plays for.

I loved the story! It's not some cliched cougar romance you usually read around. It's raw and it pulls on your heartstrings. 

I've read it in one day, and I kept thinking to myself—this is Karina's bestest work yet! I mean, she's one of my fave authors and I have almost all of her books in my iPad, but yes... I think this is her best work yet. 

It made me laugh and cry and angry and fall in love... I tell you, there's no other like Alejo Albarado... (sigh...) I wish there are guys like him in real life.

The book is awesome! Ya'll don't want to miss this especially to those fans of Erin Noelle's MILF and Vi Keeland's All Grown Up— this is definitely the book to pick up next...